John Morrison and Rodney Smith

Having just returned from a short break, it is my melancholy duty to inform of the sad deaths in the last week or so of two former teammates one John Morrison and two Rodney Smith.

Morrow originally started with the Rangers in 1971 at the Moorabbin Ice Rink on the corner of South & Warrigal Rds, playing 76 Games. After three seasons he joined the Demons playing 1974-1976, 1978-1979, 1984-1985 playing a total of 97 games. John also played with the Monarchs in 1980-1982 for 38 games, he was a tough player in a tough era, well liked by all who knew him. He finished with an IHV Career tally of 178 Games.

Rod was a tough little player, to put into a modern perspective `in the Stuart Higgins mold` afraid of no-one and fierce in his demeaner on the ice. He also stood in the net on several occasion when the club was short of a target during his career from 1974-1978 for a Demons Career of 75 games.
Rodney Smith had one of the greatest nicknames of all-time, he was commonly known as `Lacker Band`
this was because he was easy to wind up!!

Condolences to both their families and all those who knew them! They will be sadly missed….

Paul Rice
Historian, Demons I.H.C. Inc. 2018