History, Awards and Stats

The Demons Ice Hockey Club Inc. has a long and rich history in Victorian Ice Hockey.
Evolving from the post war training sessions at St. Moritz [in 1945] and forming as `Eastern Suburbs` in 1946, re-naming as the Demons Ice Hockey Club in 1947 to remain as a post war foundation Club ever since.
Throughout our History, as the longest serving member club of Ice Hockey Victoria {previously named VAIHA &VIHA} the Demons have had some remarkably talented players.
Players such as our Olympians in Russell Jones & Noel McLoughlin, James Brett, Alan Coleman, Graeme Bowes, Peter Pinsent, Peter Devitt, Paul Watson, Mario Doricic, James Christie, Kerry Timmins, Ian Holmes, Mike Boland, Daniel McIvor, Kevin Dolighan, Garry Miller Ross Howell, Daniel Gunn, and Jon Moses.
Along with stalwarts in Carl Fevola, Paul Raphael, Paul Rice, Michael Smits Snr, Rick Skrzelinski and William Stewart whom all have played 400 or more senior games in their careers`.
We have had some just as remarkable administrators as well, Eric Grandin our first President who served 10 years, Brian Jose was his Secretary for 8 of those early years. Laurie Luxmore was 11 years as Treasurer, Paul Raphael 4 Years as President followed up with 14 years as Secretary, Rod Johns served for 9 years as our President, whilst also the President of IHV for 7 years and Doug Dow who is currently serving his 12th year as Treasurer, Shae Ganac as the first female President.

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Notations and statistics compiled, arranged and edited by Paul Rice, taken from club records and with the assistance of memorabilia etc lent by Russell Jones, Basil Hansen, Andrew Kirkham, Paul Watson, Kevin Brett, Rod Fernald, Glenn Grandy, Werner Schroeter, Beryl Black and Bob Blackburn in particular!!
Compiled and first Written in 1987, updated in 1992, 2009, 2012, 2017