Demons OF (Old Farts)

Demons Summer Competition team for long term Demons players and those who are a little (or a lot) gray around the edges. There is more experience and tall stories in this team than any other team. Also team members have been known to provide good advice, occasionally. So if you need some info, and have lots of time for a story, just ask one of the players here!

Coach & Manager

Coach: Gordon Stewart

Manager: Doug Dow


Garry Briffett
Chomp Nim

Geoff Bell
Bruce McGurty
Mark Shone
Doug Dow,
Rick Skrezilinski
Dwayne Crerar

Don Lord
Flip (Andrew Kirkham)
Evan White,
Bryan Muir
Travers Smith
Grant Furlong
Rod John
David Brand
Steve Black
Paul Rice


Date Rink Start Round Home Away
Sat 20 Oct 2018 OBGA 8:45 PM R1 Saints 3 OF
Sun 28 Oct 2018 Oakleigh 5:30 PM R2 OF Mohicans
Sun 11 Nov 2018 IceHQ 7:45 PM R3 OF Jets Potatos
Sat 17 Nov 2018 OBGA 1:15 PM R4 OF Makos
Sat 24 Nov 2018 OBGA 5:00 PM R5 Ice Wolves 4 OF
Sat 01 Dec 2018 Oakleigh 5:30 PM R6 OF Demons 2
Sun 09 Dec 2018 OBGA 7:30 PM R7 Ice Wolves 3 OF
Sun 16 Dec 2018 IceHQ 7:45 PM R8 Tigersharks OF

Results to date



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