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Perpetual Trophies:

Alan Coleman Memorial, Best Clubman Award.

Alan Coleman played 1957 to 1974 for 207 Games, 52 Goals with 17 assists for 69 Points
He was renowned for his continued loyal support of the Club throughout his many years.
First awarded by Jeannette Coleman in 1975, following Alan`s sudden heart attack whilst skating at a pre-season training at Oakleigh in February of that year.

Alan Currie Memorial Trophy, Most Promising Player.

First awarded in 1956, this is the 5th oldest perpetual trophy in Ice Hockey in Victoria.
Alan Currie burst on to the hockey scene in early 1953, a very talented youngster, once compared to the great Russell Jones, he quickly progressing to play solid Snr-A Hockey in 1955, scoring 10 of his known 11 career goals. His sudden death in a car accident, along with his mother, during the summer of 1955-56 was a great tragedy for both his family and the Demons IHC. He played 47 games in his short career. This trophy was struck in memory of Alan, to be awarded each year, to the Most Promising Player in the Demons ranks for that past season. Alan`s father the esteemed Mr. Ern Currie, a Demons Vice President, presented the first few trophies before his own sudden passing in 1958.

Noel McLoughlin Perpetual, Most Outstanding Goaltender.

Noel McLoughlin started playing as a Goaltender in 1946, at 17 years old, for the Northern Suburbs team. In 1947 they became the Red Arrows. After a career total of 80 games for the Red Arrows team, Noel joined the Demons IHC playing from 1953 to 1964 for 156 Games, taking 4177 Shots-on, allowing 493 Goals for a Demons Career Saves% of 88.197.
Noel played Goodall Cup hockey from 1948 to 1953 and again in 1955, winning in 1951, 1952 & 1955. He was a member of the Australian Olympic Ice Hockey Team in the 1960 Squaw Valley USA Winter Olympic Games. Noel was also the first dual winner of the IHV
Senior-A President`s Medal, in 1959 & 1961. In 1995, the committee of the day, decided to award the Club`s Best Goal Keeper for each season as recognition to Noel`s wonderful playing career.

Olympic Ice Skating Centre Trophy, Senior-A/Premier-A MVP

First donated by Graham Argue, the rink owner, in 1983 for the Most Valuable Player
in the Senior-A Team. Graham Argue played for the Demons for a total of 36 games from 1948-1949 & again in 1978-1979. Graham also played for the Pirates & the Blackhawks and he was a renowned professional skater in Ice-shows internationally during the 1950`s and 1960`s

Lund & Edwards Trophy, Senior-A/Premier-A Most Improved

Import players Mike Lund & Jamie Edwards played their one and only season in our 1997 Senior-A Premiership. They dedicated this trophy to the young squad of players who had worked so hard to achieve the ultimate success. Mike Lund won the VIHA Senior-A Highest Points Scorer Trophy and Jamie Edwards the Senior-A Best Goal Keeper Trophy for that year. Their award was to be presented annually to the player who had shown the most improvement in their skill level, their de-meaner and their team spirit in that past season.

Jimmy Brett Memorial Shield (Most Inspirational) Senior-B

Jimmy played with the Demons IHC from 1949 to 1971 for 283 Games, scoring 92 Goals & 20 Assists. A remarkable gentleman who was well respected throughout the hockey world!
He was a man who inspired others through his fair play and general de-meaner on the ice.
Jim was our President in 1970 & 1971, Secretary 1963 & 1964, Head Coach in 1972 and a member of our first ever Senior-A Premiership Team in 1970. His sudden death in 1992 led to the donation of this trophy by Mark & Janine Northover of this memorial to a great Demon personality. It was first awarded in 1993.

Brian Berry, Most Sportsman Like (Jnr), reissued for the Premier-C1 Senior Team as
The Best Team Player, in 2010.

First donated by our Junior-C Team Manager, Mr. Brian Berry in 1983. The trophy was to be awarded to the player who had exhibited the sportsmanship qualities being encouraged at Junior-C level at the time. During the early 1980`s Brian Berry was a Demons Committee Member as well as the IHV Tribunal Coordinator.
After the Demons juniors ceased in 2008, this Trophy was resurrected in 2010 as a Senior
Trophy for the Premier-C1`s Best Team Player in 2010.

Barry Fowler Trophy, Most Outstanding Achievement (Jnr), reissued for the Premier-C2 Senior Team in 2010.

Barry Fowler played 19 games in 1977 & 1978 as an older recruit an outstanding achievement in its day. He was involved with the Demons IHC for some years socially and was heavily involved with the early days of our junior teams. His sad & sudden passing in early 1983 after a short illness was followed by the donating of this trophy in his memory by his good friend, Demons notable, the incomparable Ian Holmes (Dec).

Mathew Fairbanks Perpetual Trophy, Most Outstanding Goaltender (Summer), Inaugurated 2015.

Mathew Fairbanks who has played 15 seasons, 2001-2015 for a career total and Demons Goal Keeper record
game number of 238 Senior Games. The longest serving Goal Keeper at the Demons plus a valued member of
our committee for some years, taking the role of Club President in 2010 & 2011, a period of considerable transition for the Club at the time!! He added stability and conciliatory skills to the committee during this rebuilding phase in the clubs history.

Mathew at this time has the seventh most games as a Goal Keeper in IHV History. His total of 255 Career Games, consist of 17 games with the Jets in the year 2000 + 238 games with the Demons, 2001-2015.
A highly decorated player, winning multiple Demons and IHV awards in the process!!

Demons Career Stats to end of 2015;
Games 238, Shots on 4876, Goals against 617, Career Saves% of 87.346, with 29 Career shut-outs.
Mathews` stats are the Most by a Goal Keeper in the History of the Demons except his Saves%

Winter Trophies:
2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2015, Demons Noel McLoughlin Perpetual Most Outstanding Goaltender
2002, 2008, Demons Senior-B MVP
2002, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2015, IHV Best Goal Keeper
2013, IHV Best Defenseman
2015 Barry Fowler Most Outstanding Achievement
2015, Awarded Demons Honorary Life Membership

Paul Raphael Perpetual Trophy, Hardest Working Player / Administrator (Summer), Inaugurated 2015.

Paul started with the Demons as part of our early junior programs in 1978 for a total of 60 plus games including about a dozen as a goal keeper. {Junior stats are scarce}
From 1982 Paul, has played almost continuously since, only missing due to business and injury in 2005 & 2007.

He has made quite a significant contribution to our history through his outstanding service firstly as President from 1989 to1992, then becoming Club Secretary from 1993 until 2006 for an amazing 14 seasons!!
Paul played Goodall Cup in 1987 and was National Senior Men`s Team Equipment Manager 1988 & 89`

Awarded the Alan Coleman Memorial Best Clubman Trophy in 1987, the same year the Senior-B grade team won its first Premiership since 1963. In 1989 was the Senior-B Best Defenseman.

Raff, as he is known, was deservedly elected as the Club`s 21st Honorary Life Member in 1997,
then elevated, as our 4th Club Legend, in 2009.

Paul`s senior playing career stats reads as follows;
Senior Career games 509, Career Goals 54, Career Assists 100 for 154 Points, with 200 Career Penalty Minutes.

Winter Trophies;
1987 Alan Coleman Memorial Trophy – Best Clubman Award
1989 Senior-B Best Defenseman
1997 Awarded Demons Honorary Life Membership
2009 Elevated to Club Legend Status

Congratulations on a wonderful career. No accolade can ever overstate your invaluable contribution to our club.
Simply, this is surely a hard act to follow!!

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