Summer All Time Leading

All time leading summer player stats

Demons IHC All Time   Leading Summer Stats As at end 2019/2020
Category Player Total Record set
Most Games Played Travers Smith 188 2019/2020
Most Career Goals  Gordon Stewart 130 2019/2020
Most Career Assists Rick Skrzelinski 80 2019/2020
Most Career Points Gordon Stewart 200 2019/2020
Most Career Penalty Minutes Geoff Bell 218 11/12, 19/20
Most Goals in a Season Greg Sturrock 39 2004/2005
Most Goals in a Single Game Gordon Stewart 9 3/03/2011
Most Assists in a Single Season Dale Sturrock 26 2010/2011
Most Assists in a Single Game Dale Sturrock 7 28/10/2010
Most Points in a Single season Greg Sturrock 51 2004/2005
Most Points in a Single Game Gordon Stewart 13 3/03/2011
Longest Points Scoring Streak Evan White 13 Games 2010/2011
Fastest Goal Sored Wade Hately 0:13sec 6/03/2005
Fastest Hat-tick Scored Ken Prokopec 1:52sec 19/02/2007
Most Career Hat-tricks Gordon Stewart 16 2017/2018
Most Hat-tricks in a Single Season Greg Sturrock 7 2004/2005
Most Game Winning Goals Gordon Stewart 18 2017/2018
Most Game Winning Goals in a single season Gordon Stewart 6 2016/2017
Most 20+ Point Seasons Gordon Stewart 6 2017/2018
Most Penalty Minutes in a Season Todd Cutter 104 2011/2012
Most MVP Titles to be researched    
Most Highest Point Scorer Titles Tom Voller 6 2011/2012
Most Summer Premierships Chomnan Nim 5 2014/2015 
Most Games by a Goal Keeper Mathew Fairbanks 91 2011/2012
Most Career Shots taken by a Goal Keeper                                      Mathew Fairbanks 1794 2011/2012
Most Shots taken by a GK in a Single Season Alain Giaugue 431 2007/2008
Most Shots Taken by a GK in a Single Game Mathew Fairbanks 59 16/01/2005
Most Career Shut-outs Allan Granger 14 2017/2018
Most Shut-outs in a single season Allan Granger 7 2014/2015
Most Career Wins as a Goal Keeper Mathew Fairbanks 52 2011/2012
Most Play-Off Games by Goal Keeper Mathew Fairbanks 12 2011/2012
Highest Career Saves% in a Season Mitchell Waters 89.912 2010/2011