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The Melbourne Demons are an Ice Hockey Club playing in the Victorian Ice Hockey League (IHV). The Melbourne Demons Ice Hockey Club is based at the Olympic Ice Skating Centre in Centre Rd Oakleigh Victoria.

If you want to join a team, learn to play, or simply help out at the club please contact us.

Sometimes you win even when you do not play well

That about says it all. The Demons Prem A team won 2-1 over the Sharks tonight. But I could not honestly say we outplayed them. Our first goal was an example of that. The Sharks goalie misplayed the puck with his stick and it went off the heel into the net. Matt Harper got the goal but ... really. Nevertheless, there were some bright spots - a beautiful winning goal by Andrew Erzen, set up even more beautifully by Byron Tschuma. And of course Sam Stewart played his first Prem A game - congratulations Sam. And Jack Hayes continues to play well between the pipes with his thrid win in four starts.


2016 OiHAN Canberra Ice Hockey Tournament Report

The Demons 45+ age group team recently played in the OiHAN {Old-timers ice Hockey Australia Network} Canberra Tournament on the long week in March. With some important players missing due to Surgery, Illness and work commitments, we arrived in the nations` capitol with good expectation of a thin, but competitive side.

This was to prove a bit ambitious. We played with our usual determination but with both Sydney & Canberra, a class above it was always going to be a struggle. With some early missed chances in each of the first three games to prove costly, all played in conditions that were oppressively hot and extremely humid, inside the rink. We got run over by Sydney and after only a 1 hour break we tired against the Nite Owls, to come up short.

With a great bonding team dinner that night before, we faced Sunday lunchtime with renewed hope, only to be beaten by another team of superior quality. However we played much better and had a couple of shots gone our way the score could have been closer.

The final for Bronze started well enough, with 2 early goals, our first of the tournament, we gave up a cheapie leaving Matty exposed for them to score. The game was a little more physical than you would expect with the Nite Owls spending a few minutes in the box. Unfortunately we went 0/5 on power plays through the second and third periods.
The Nite Owls scored a good goal against the run of play late in the second. With both team working hard and Andres Wiking the Nite Owls goalie playing a great game, we went shot for shot until the late in the third, with some very tired players, the team made a defensive error which cost the game.

The team had a wonderful time over the weekend with two nice dinners and wonderful chatter. Looking forward to the June T. in a couple of months, with some added players so we can hopefully defend last years` 45+ Div.II title??

Games scores: 1/ Demons 0 Lost to Sydney Dinosaurs 7,
2/ Demons 0 lost to Nite Owls 3
3/ Demons 0 Lost to Canberra Senators 4,
4/ Final Demons 2 Lost to Nite Owls 3

The Team:

Mathew Fairbanks-Goal Keeper, Geoff Bell-Captain, Don Lord, Stephen Black, Rod Johns, Jim Whyte, Paul Rice, Mark Shone, Doug Dow, Bryan Muir & Jason Vandersluys

Paul Rice
Demons I.H.C. Inc. Historian 2016

Winter 2016

Hi All it's that time of year again.

Winter season is upon us, tryout details are below, so if you want to keep your spot or earn a place in another team here's what you need to know.

This Saturday the 12th 8:45pm Docklands.
(C1 training) For returning C1 players and those who wish to play C1 in 2016

This Saturday the 12th 10:00pm Docklands
C2 training) For returning C2 players and those who wish to play C2 in 2016

Saturday March 19th 7:15pm Docklands (Premier A training) For returning Premier A players and those who wish to play Premier A in 2016

Saturday March 19th 8:30pm Docklands (Reserve training) For returning Reserve players and those who wish to play Reserve in 2016

Saturday March 26th 6:15pm Docklands (Premier A and Reserve shared training) For returning Premier A and Reserve players and those who wish to play Premier A or Reserve

Saturday March 26th 7:30pm Docklands
(C1/C2 Scrimmage) For returning C1 and C2 players and those who wish to play C1 or C2

All players must have registered before they can get on the ice. Registration can be completed via eSports via the following link -


registration is $200 and is for 12 months (regardless of what it says on eSports).

2016 History Announcement

Recently viewing the NHL on Foxtel, I watched and listened with interest as the commentators extolled the feats of several players and their output in the terms of the points scored over the journey of their careers. One in particular was Jerome Iginla who scored his 600 Career Goal putting him 19th all-time in the NHL for goals.They also talked about how often several of these players had reached 20, 30 or 40 points in a single season etc.

Researching our history files, with data at hand, and then adding up some of these numbers, the following statistics have come to light.

From 1946 to 2015 the Demons have played in almost 2820 Official Games, scoring approximately 9200 Goals along with approximately 8900 Assists from our Senior-A, Senior-B, Senior-C 1, Senior-C2 and our RecC teams in that time.We have had over 720 players amassing almost 33,500 individual games. With 6 of those players whomhave played more than 400+ games each.

In 1946 &1947,Only One Point was awarded for each Goal scored.
In 1948, the first year where an Assist was first officially recorded.
From the first year of full available stats in 1955 until 2004, a Goal oran Assist was awarded 2 Points each.
From 2005 onwards a Goal or an Assist attracted only Point each, in line with IIHF rules...

Using the 1 Point for each Goal and or an Assist as the standard, here is some of our Scoring History;

1946, Russell Jones is recorded as scoring our first ever Goal in Round -1.
1948, our first recorded Assist; unclear as to whom this should be attributed to?
1952, Brian Jose scored our first recorded Hat-trick in Round-8

First 10 Point Seasonin Senior-A was by Graham Jose in 1955 with 14 Goals & 0 Assists.
*** In Senior-B was by Ron Fisher in 1969 with 16 Goals and 1 Assist

First 20 Point Season in Senior-A was by James Christie in 1968 with 16 Goals & 2 Assists
*** in Senior-B was by Paul Rice in 1981 with 12 Goals & 10 Assists

First 30 Point Season in Senior-A was by Ken Guyzk in 1977 with 23 Goals & 13 Assists
*** in Senior-B was by Michael Howell in 1991 with 18 Goals & 12 Assists

First 40 Point Season in Senior-A was by Mike Boland in 1978 with 22 Goals & 25 Assists
*** in Senior-B was by Gordon Stewart in 1995 with 34 Goals & 13 Assists

First 50 Point Season in Senior-A was by Dave Hearty in 1983 with 36 Goals & 25 Assists
*** in Senior-B was by Gordon Stewart in 1996 with 40 Goals & 12 Assists

Most Points in a single Season,was in Senior-C scored by Nigel Chandler in 1998 who amassed
a total of 69 Goals with 25 Assists for 94 Points.

Please see attached file, Click here for file Senior Players with 20+ points in a Season.

Paul Rice
Demons I.H.C. Inc. Historian 2016

Club History
Paul Rice has put together a history of the club dating back to 1946 with some interesting stats that's definitely worth a read.

History_notations.docx 46.17 kB


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