Premier A

This division is full body contact ice hockey played according to IIHF rules, and is the top level of hockey offered by Ice Hockey Victoria (IHV).

Coach & Manager

Coach: Michael Flaherty / Jon Moses
Manager: Ewan Williams


53 Tom Voller
17 Todd Cutter
5 Mitch Jones
26 Josh Szkrelinski
44 Kevin Dow
41 Jay Pavey
86 Joseph Nyamuka
Matt Knox
27 Ross Howell
24 Taveen Moyelan
4 Russell Dow
Greg Sturrock
Jack Carpenter
63 Danny Gunn
Grove Bennett
Matt Armstrong
Jack Hayes (G)


  • Schedule correct at time of upload, check Esports for changes and confirmation.
Date Time Location Round Home Away
Fri, Apr-26 10:30pm OBG Icehouse 1 Demons Prem A Blackhawks
Fri, May-03 8:00pm OBG Icehouse 2 Saints Demons Prem A
Sat, May-11 7:15pm OBG Icehouse 3 Braves Demons Prem A
Fri, May-17 9:15pm OBG Icehouse 4 Demons Prem A Jets
Fri, May-24 9:15pm OBG Icehouse 5 Sharks Demons Prem A
Sat, Jun-01 8:30pm OBG Icehouse 6 Blackhawks Demons Prem A
Fri, Jun-14 10:30pm OBG Icehouse 7 Demons Prem A Saints
Fri, Jun-28 10:30pm OBG Icehouse 8 Demons Prem A Braves
Fri, Jul-05 8:00pm OBG Icehouse 9 Jets Demons Prem A
Fri, Jul-12 8:00pm OBG Icehouse 10 Demons Prem A Sharks
Fri, Jul-26 8:00pm OBG Icehouse 11 Demons Prem A Blackhawks
Fri, Aug-02 9:15pm OBG Icehouse 12 Saints Demons Prem A
Fri, Aug-16 9:15pm OBG Icehouse 13 Braves Demons Prem A
Fri, Aug-23 10:30pm OBG Icehouse 14 Demons Prem A Jets
Fri, Aug-30 10:30pm OBG Icehouse 15 Sharks Demons Prem A
Fri, Sep-06 8:00 PM OBG Icehouse QF1
Fri, Sep-06 9:30 PM OBG Icehouse QF2
Fri, Sep-13 8:00 PM OBG Icehouse PF
Sun, Sep-15 12:15 PM OBG Icehouse GF 1
Sun, Sep-22 3:15 PM OBG Icehouse GF 2
Fri, Sep-27 8:00 PM OBG Icehouse GF 3


Date Time Rink
Mon, Apr-08 8:45pm OBG Icehouse
Wed, Apr-10 8:00pm OBG Icehouse
Sun, Apr-14 9:15pm Oakleigh
Wed, Apr-17 8:00pm OBG Icehouse
Wed, May-08 10:00pm IceHQ
Wed, May-22 10:00pm OBG Icehouse
Mon, May-27 10:15pm Oakleigh
Wed, Jun-19 8:45pm OBG Icehouse
Mon, Jun-24 10:15pm Oakleigh
Tue, Jul-02 7:00pm Oakleigh
Mon, Jul-08 7:30pm OBG Icehouse
Mon, Jul-22 10:00pm OBG Icehouse
Wed, Aug-14 7:45pm Oakleigh
Mon, Aug-26 10:00pm OBG Icehouse
Thu, Sep-05 8:00pm OBG Icehouse

Results to date

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