Senior D

This division is non checking ice hockey; but otherwise is played according to IIHF rules. It is the fourth and lowest level of winter hockey offered by Ice Hockey Victoria (IHV).

Coach & Manager

Coach: Michael Bailey
Manager: David Brand


Jenelle Carson # (G)
Richard Skrzelinski #2
David Dang #3
Douglas Dow #35
Hope Newman #6
Andrea Polari #7
Rod Johns #12
Jason Vanderslys #4
James Martyr #17
Paul Rice #20
Paul Raphael #42
Satha Le #43
Kim Lo #47
Isobel Cantrill #51
Bron Bird #54
Casey Wood #65
Max Edwards #73
Andrew Howell #83
Marcus Forsterling #83

Game Schedule

  • Schedule as of the 25/4/2018 Esports desk will reflect updates and this is only indicative and accurate on the day of release, check with team manager and coach for any changes.
Date / Results Location Start Round Home Away Penalty Box
Mon, 23-Apr-18 OBGA 8:45 PM R1 Demons Jets Rick
Sat, 05-May-18 Oakleigh 5:30 PM R2 Demons Braves Dave
Sun, 13-May-18 Oakleigh 8:00 PM R3 Saints Demons Hope
Sun, 20-May-18 Oakleigh 5:30 PM R4 Blackhawks Demons Max
Sat, 26-May-18 OBGA 4:45 PM R5 Sharks Demons Marcus
Mon, 18-Jun-18 OBGA 8:45 PM R6 Jets Demons Satha
Sun, 24-Jun-18 OBGA 3:45 PM R7 Braves Demons James
Mon, 02-Jul-18 OBGA 8:00 PM R8 Demons Saints  Bron
Sat, 14-Jul-18 Oakleigh 5:30 PM R9 Demons Blackhawks Raff
Sat, 21-Jul-18 OBGA 2:15 PM R10 Demons Sharks  Andrea
Sun, 29-Jul-18 Oakleigh 5:30 PM R11 Demons Jets Kim
Sun, 05-Aug-18 Oakleigh 8:00 PM R12 Demons Braves Isobel
Mon, 13-Aug-18 OBGA 10:00 PM R13 Saints Demons Doug
Sun, 19-Aug-18 Oakleigh 6:45 PM R14 Blackhawks Demons Jason
Sun, 26-Aug-18 Oakleigh 6:45 PM R15 Sharks Demons Andrew
Tue, 04-Sep-18 OBGA 8:00 PM QF
Tue, 04-Sep-18 OBGA 9:30 PM QF
Sat, 08-Sep-18 OBGA 3:45 PM PF Casey
Thu, 13-Sep-18 OBGA 9:30 PM GF1 Rod
Sun, 16-Sep-18 OBGA 4:15 PM GF2 Dean
Sun, 30-Sep-18 OBGA 6:45 PM GF3


Date Location Start Div
Tue, 10 Apr 2018 Oakleigh 7:15 PM C/D
Tue, 10 Apr 2018 Oakleigh 8:30 PM C/D
Thu, 19 Apr 2018 OBGA 10:30 PM C/D
Tue, 01 May 2018 OBGA 10:30 PM C/D
Thu, 17 May 2018 OBGA 10:30 PM C/D
Tue, 05 Jun 2018 OBGA 10:30 PM C/D
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 Oakleigh 10:15 PM C/D
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 OBGA 10:30 PM All
Thu, 28 Jun 2018 OBGA 10:30 PM C/D
Mon, 02 Jul 2018 Oakleigh 10:15 PM All
Tue, 10 Jul 2018 Oakleigh 7:00 PM C/D
Thu, 26 Jul 2018 OBGA 10:30 PM C/D
Wed, 22 Aug 2018 Oakleigh 9:00 PM C/D
Wed, 05 Sep 2018 Oakleigh 9:00 PM C/D
Mon, 10 Sep 2018 OBGA 10:00 PM C/D

Results to date

  • Results from Esports desk and linked under date of the games